Leadership Skills from Sports

Proven Leadership Skills from Sports

We always speak high about leaders and leadership qualities. A recent incident that happened during a football match showed us how a good leader can even save’s one life. Christian Eriksen a Danish footballer collapsed in the ground during the Denmark- Finland match. When the whole ground froze for a second not knowing what to do it was his captain Simon Kjær, who darted towards him and gave the first aid. The world can learn a lot of qualities from him as a leader or captain which all leaders must.

Simon’s deeds made him a synonym for a true leader. He made the first move and led the way to others. Certain qualities in him made him a true leader.

  • Authentic
  • Humanity
  • Empathy
  • Responsible

He is authentic in his nature. He is always there for his team members in need. Humanity is an essential quality needed for every person let it be the leader or a usual member. Simon Kjær is a true human. He helped his fellow being in his hard times. He was wise enough to think about the situation and handle it accordingly by coordinating other members too. He could think as if it was his own problem. He was empathetic and responsible. He considered it his responsibility to support his mate and to save him.

What Simon Kjærdid sets an example for each and every one. He acts accordingly to the situation, faster. At first, he focused on giving first aid to Eriksen; gave him CPR and laid him in a safe position. He then coordinates his team members and creates a veil around Erikson and the medical team treating him. He then moves towards Eriksen’s wife and comforts her. Simon could compose himself and act according to the situation. While in a situation of anxiety and despair it takes a lot of courage and determination to maintain composure and be practical. Simon could do that, and this same factor makes us address him as an excellent leader.

Simon showed to the world of humanity, his bravery, his responsibility, his empathy more than that his leadership. He showed to the whole world – what a real captain or real leader needs to be when a crisis happens. He is undoubtedly a great human being and a real leader.

We all should be like Simon, and try to enrich our lives with humanity, empathy, and be authentic and responsible.

Great respect to every leader who inspires me

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