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Stay Connected ! Re-Connected

A few days back I received a WhatsApp message. It was about the sudden death of a beloved classmate. My mind swelled with grief and that’s when I thought of sharing this with others.

Even though he was a member of our college WhatsApp group, he never took part in the conversations happening in the group or shared any of his news.

He was very silent and none of us tried to find the reason behind his silence. We never took the pain to connect with him. He was having a very tough time. He never informed us and we, from our part, never tried to find out.

My dear friends, take a look, we are all are members of many such colleges, school alumni groups.

There are many people who stay silent. Just like my friend whom I mentioned, they may also be having mental, physical or emotional struggles.

Especially in this pandemic time, yearning for a helping hand.

Try connecting with them, listening to them. Even a single soothing word of comfort or an act of compassion may help them find the hope to live. It is the situations that made them silent and reserved.

Your words can help them to open up their sorrows. Let’s do that and bring back our fellow beings to life. 

Best Wishes,

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