Solve Crisis with 3 positive Words

What does it really mean by a crisis?

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The word crisis is nowadays heard around us a lot more than the usual. Let it be from our friends, colleagues or even family. We hear it a lot especially during this pandemic era where the world is going through all kinds of crisis such as financial, job or even mental crisis. The word always tends to evoke fear or negativity in our thoughts. Here I’d like to share with how to give a positive outlook to crisis with three words. If perceived in a different way, crisis or problems can turned into positive aspects. As I said earlier, crisis as we know is a word with a negative touch.

What does it really mean by crisis?


Every crisis is a just situation and, the situation is a neutral word. How do we deal with a situation? I remember reading an incident in a newspaper a few days back. It was about a Vietnamese woman who lost her job in a cloth mill during this pandemic era. Skilled in stitching and sewing she along with her friend developed a digital platform to train stitching and sewing digitally and she gloriously succeeded in that. If we are ready to accept our situation and try to overcome it rather than viewing it as a crisis, we can make every situation in our life a positive chance.


The second word that makes crisis a positive aspect is challenge. It is a very positive word and challenge always excites us. When confronts a challenge we always focus on it. We focus on our abilities that can help us to face these challenges. It was during the Iran-Kuwait war, Mr. Yousuf Ali the business empire started his business. While everyone else surrendered to fate and accepted their failure Yousuf Ali faced this as a challenge and started focusing more on his opportunities. He built a very strong foundation by providing the necessary stock and resources to the government. His success is always credited to his willpower that prevented him from backing off fearing the crisis. He is a perfect model for all of us to face challenges.

So, let us move towards success by accepting the putting aside the negative word crisis and accepting the positive side that is challenge.


We are now familiar with crisis as a neutral aspect that is situation and a positive aspect that is challenge. Can’t we crisis as an unexpected opportunity? Opportunity always gifts us with a lot of possibilities.

We know how badly the pandemic has affected the hospitality industry. A renowned chef in South America lost his job due to the same pandemic. Amidst of all the confusions, a thought evoked in him that made him accept this crisis as an unexpected opportunity. He considered this as a possibility to expose his talents. His talent lied in food presentation more than in cooking. While observing he found that the video channels which showcases food presentations and food carving was very less in number.  He then lit the fire of a digital revolution. He is now a very successful person than he ever was in his profession by showcasing his skills to the world. We too can view this crisis as an unexpected opportunity. As the proverb says β€œNecessity is the mother of inventions”, we too can innovate ideas by sharpening our abilities and focus on the positive aspects ignoring the negative thoughts.

As I said earlier, we should positively define this crisis in three different ways. Firstly, as a situation and how to solve it, as a challenge and how to turn it into an opportunity. So, let’s focus our skills, target aims and break our comfort zone and overcome the negative word crisis with the situation, challenges, and opportunity.

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  1. Good thoughts to handle the crisis. Yes we need to turn crisis into different perspectives , so we wont be sad

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